Portfolio and Testimonials

Erica G. Craig

"Thank you Michael for all the time and effort spent helping me create a website. I LOVE it! You really took the time to understand my vision and worked with me through many revisions and tweaks! You also taught me so much! You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I will highly recommend you." - See full website at EricagCraig.com

Shaunna Brallier

"I am so grateful for Level 7 websites. Kim was so awesome with both my logo and website design and Emily with making my copywriting sound professional. They both knew exactly what I was looking for and brought it to life. I highly recommend this company designed by some of iPEC's own students if you are wanting to get your website up and running."

Pinar Tamer

"Micheal is a creative, visionary and inspiring person to work with. His passion towards his work and his commitment to his deadlines was what I valued the most. I also appreciated that he is a coach himself, so he know what kind of website we need. I strongly recommend him for his design and ideas that are so unique and so profound." - See full website at PinarCoaching.com

Rachell Kitchen

"Working with Michael and his team was an absolute JOY. They GOT me, my niche, my vision and how my personal story would connect with my clients. The website was done quickly – with a high attention to detail. They spent time with me to answer questions, do revisions, and training. If you are looking to launch your website, I’d encourage you to checkout Level 7 Websites." - See full website at levelup4life.coach

Peter Franklin

"Just wanted to give a shout-out to Michael and Level 7 Websites. They recently created my 2nd and once again I am thoroughly pleased. Michael is professional, reliable, and he gets it, in terms of what needs to be done to get your business up and running. Two thumbs up from me". - See full website at mindfuleducator.net

Joe Blanco

"My experience with Level 7 was superb in terms of creativity of design, clear to the point copywriting and agile responsiveness in the adjustments and corrections identified. The team demonstrated excellent listening and interpretive skills; which made the mapping of ideas into a concrete, attractive final product a reality. I want to express my gratitude to the whole Level 7 team for their total commitment and excellence in quality". - See full website at compassexecutiveconsultant.com


Frances Jones

See full website at heartdesirescoaching.com


Jessica Conrad

See full website at jessicalconrad.com


Brendan Geary

See full website at i2icoaching.com


Coach Tecla

See full website at. coachtecla.com

Karen Preston

See full website at kbpcoaching.com


Cindy Gardner

See full website at CindyGardner.com


Monica Richardson

See full website at monicarichardson.co